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Mascot Mania!

Mascot Mania!” is a series which features some of the “mascots” I’ve seen in Korea. Unlike in the United States, mascots in Korea are not limited to schools and sports teams. You’ll find mascots/characters for just about everything in Korea, from products, organizations and even cities! Clearly, “cuteness” is a cultural value that reigns supreme in this country~~   

While Americans may be used to the idea of city specific slogans (e.g. I went to high school in Placentia, “A Pleasant Place to Live”), and state nicknames (I hail from California, “the Golden State”), Koreans take it a step further with city mascots/characters.

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A Random Jaunt through Nature

As many of you know, I’m an organizer. Outlines and bullet-points make me happy. Most of what I own is categorized into some system or another ^^!

Yoongu is the yang to my yin in so many ways. I love that despite our differences, we complement each other. He’s so spontaneous, that it makes even the most ordinary day a little adventure–and here’s an example~~~

We were driving by when I commented on how these tall plants looked pretty, so he found an off road path for us to get an up close and personal look!

Here’s a close-up of some seed pods we came across—

A happy little excursion before we returned home!

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