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“Womanhood: Navigating the Toxic Waters”

It is interesting to think how there are different “species” of creatures in different environments. Now that I’m living in Seoul, these sea monsters would all emphasize extreme thinness rather than sex appeal…

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A wonderful art professor introduced me to a good introductory art therapy book called Art is a Way of Knowing, by Pat B. Allen. Since then, art therapy has had a profound influence on my life as I try to work out various issues and problems.

This collage is a piece I did while I was an out-patient at an eating disorder clinic. In the bottom left corner, you can see an adolescent girl who has the daunting task of trying to navigate the toxic waters of our current media-laden society. Suffice it to say, the waters are not particularly inviting. We’re tadpoles completely immersed in messages regarding the absolute necessity of being sexualized females. If we never leave these waters, how are we to learn differently–that our self-worth doesn’t have to be a collection of breasts, butts and exposed torsos?

The frog in the upper right corner…

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An “Action” Figure Based on Beauty– An Oxymoron?

Translation: The secret method to ending your pore and wrinkle troubles!

I came across the above ad while thumbing through a magazine in a waiting room. I had never before heard of the San Francisco-based Benefit cosmetics, nor their popular “Porefessional” product. What really caught my eye was the use of a character named “SpyGal,”created by famed comic book powerhouse Marvel. Now, I do realize that SpyGal is just a shameless promotional ploy, and a lighthearted and cute attempt at that. However, once I saw the words “action figure,” my mind became a veritable maelstrom of thought on feminist theory and other such weighty topics.

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Make Your Man Happy with Makeup–WTF?!

The following pictures are from a current television commercial in Korea for Aritaum cosmetics. While I know that Aritaum has no more lofty purpose than to sell as much lipstick, perfume and eyeshadow as possible, this ad actually touches on a lot of very serious issues–and I shudder at the negative messages it sends to both men and women.

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