Engrish #1: “Eat Dirt!” Or rather, “Eat Sand!”

It’s a known fact that Korean society is absolutely crazy for English. There are tons of English words that have been adopted into everyday language. This also extends to the practice of product branding and marketing. However, as Engrish.com has shown us time and again, the English doesn’t always make it quite as it should.

One common practice in Korea is to shorten English words pretty much indiscriminately. One of the worse examples I’ve seen  was a clinic with a large outdoor sign that said, “Skin and Aesth Surg Center.”

Anyway, the above snacks are apparently sandwich cookies made with organic ingredients…but of course it doesn’t say that! Koreans love to use the word “sand” instead of “sandwich,” which leads to an unappetizing mental picture for us native English  speakers. Organic cream sand, anyone?

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